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New Products

Our factory mainly produces various specifications of bag sealing line, engineering line, construction line, high-strength nylon line, dipped polyester hose line, etc.

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  • Applications of POY Polyester

    What is POY Polyester?

    Polyester partially oriented yarn (POY) is a type of synthetic yarn that is made from polyester fibers that have been stretched but not fully drawn. This gives the yarn a high tenacity and low shrinkage. POY yarn is often used in the production of filament yarns and spun yarns. The Manufacturing ...

  • Partially oriented yarn (POY)

    How many types of polyester yarn are there?

    Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is widely used in the textile industry. It is known for its durability, strength, and wrinkle resistance. Polyester yarns are made from polyester fibers that are either filament or spun. Filament yarns are made from long, continuous fibers, while spun yar...

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    How Much Yarn Do You Need?

    Embarking on a new yarn crafting project is always exciting, but it’s crucial to ensure you have the right amount of yarn to see you through to the finish. The Craft Yarn Council provides a handy guide to help crafters estimate the yarn quantities needed for various types of projects, ba...

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